In the early 1960's plumbing installations throughout the State of Utah had no uniformity at all. It was difficult for contractors to bid jobs as inspections varied throughout the State. Inspections were being done on different codes. The State used the National Code. City and County inspectors made different interpretations of the same code. To try to get some uniformity the Utah Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors and the Labor Organizations invited the plumbing inspectors of the political subdivisions of the State to meet and write a State Plumbing Code. As a result, many meetings were held and inspectors from various parts of the State were invited to participate. A State Code was finally agreed upon and presented to the State Legislature for the Utah State Plumbing Code. 

As a result of these meetings, it was suggested by the Utah Pipe Trades Industry Committee that the inspectors form an organization to acquaint all inspectors throughout the State. So on July 12, 1962, this was accomplished. The table on the right is the list of the Presidents of UAPMO since its inception:

List of Past Presidents:
Name City Term(s)
Troy Johnson Utah State University 2010
Kathy LeMay-Royce Taylorsville City 2008, 2009
Stuart Murray Ogden City 2006, 2007
Tim Collings Salt Lake City 2004, 2005
Richard Butz Summit County 2002, 2003
Francis Duzenack City of Price 2000, 2001
Ralph Fredrickson Weber State College 1998,1999
Dennis Mertlich St. George 1996, 1997
Dave Levanger Carbon County 1994, 1995
Mike Durfee Tooele City 1992, 1993
Richard Carlile Park City 1991
Doug Weidauer Sandy City 1990
Walt Clock Farmington 1988, 1989
John Nelson Cache County 1985, 1986, 1987
Jerry Hansen Salt Lake County 1983, 1984
Vern Beal Murray City 1981, 1982
Bob Ferguson Salt Lake County 1980
Dean Lisonbee Salt Lake City 1978, 1979
Bob Compton State of Utah 1976, 1977
Ladd Scoffield Layton City 1974, 1975
Donald Yonkers Utah State University 1972, 1973
Ralph Hill Bountiful 1971
Horace Lloyd Ogden City 1969, 1970
Jay Lewis Utah County 1967, 1968
Bud Scarlet Salt Lake City 1964, 1965, 1966
Wallace Macintosh Salt Lake City 1962, 1963